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The resistance continues at Piatt Park and Worldwide!

OC ReOccupation 1st Night

Posted 2 days ago on June 2, 2012, 8:10 a.m. EST by iam4basicrights

Occupy Cincinnati Reoccupation Action began with Success!

On June, 1st 2012, around 7 PM, during one of the coolest, windiest evenings in Piatt Park this spring, the Reoccupation of Occupy Cincinnati came alive through Direct Action! During the evening there were consistently 9 to 11 Occupiers present, with another three or four floating in and out as time or circumstances allowed, and plenty of the Cincinnati nightlife engaged Occupy in conversation and exchange, and smiles.

The Cincinnati police were already staking out our Reoccupation by 9 PM, and the members of OC were getting restless, leading to Mic Checks, chanting, and drumming. As 10 PM rolled around, the Occupy staple, a single tent, was resurrected from the warehouse and out into the public eye where it belongs! Within minutes of its completion the Cincinnati Police were present and requesting we respect our lawsuit settlement agreement by removing the tent. The tent was being held up by Occupiers, out in the walkway, away from the statue and outside the approved area for public 24/7 free speech.

The Occupation peacefully protested and challenged this attack on their 1st amendment rights, followed immediately by a Mic check and change of action. Mobilization of Occupy Cincinnati Reoccupation was on!

OC led a short march from Piatt Park four blocks south to Fountain Square (owned by 3CDC and Cincinnati Park Board). Unaware and unconcerned with the the status of activity on and in Fountain Square on a Friday evening in Cincinnati, Ohio, Occupiers took on the square with strong, clear and loud chanting. The protest march was well received by the hundreds of citizens already at the square for the PNC Summer Music Series Indie event. Cheers and smiles and handshakes were extended to the Occupiers as Fountain Square staff and police watched curiously.

Making their way across the square from Vine Street to 5th Street, the Reoccupation Action placed the tent down several feet out of the way of those passing through, immediately attracting the interests of other Cincinnati citizens and Fountain Square visitors and Staff members. OC was ready with flyers and positive, intelligent answers and direct responses!

Just a few minutes later, the Cincinnati Police were on us again, citing our rights to free speech but reminding us of their rules for requiring permits for structures in the Square. Again we challenged and protested, while agreeing to take the Occupy tent to the sidewalks - where just half an hour prior we were informed that Piatt Park was not a permissible location for the tent! With some brief discussion and varying conversation with more passers-by, a new, unannounced mobilization of the Reoccupation Action was implemented.

OC was on the move, heading several blocks north towards Over-The-Rhine, a part of Downtown Cincinnati that is being gentrified for the corporatocracy via 3CDC, demolishing low cost, historic housing in order to develop parking and cafes!! At a very busy and popular intersection the tent and protesters remained successfully exposed to drivers, pedestrians and a fairly popular entertainment and dining retail district in Cincinnati! Again we were met with enthusiastic Cincinnatians! Fresh exposure for about another hour contributed a new perspective for the Occupiers, as well as an additional grassy area to take over with tents some day soon (perhaps). Refreshingly, the Cincinnati Police were not alerted to our next mobilization location and never once crossed our paths for the rest of the night!

OC Reoccupation DA was a "DH" Direct Hit! It will continue on through out the weekend, beginning every day in Piatt Park at the intersection of Vine Street and Garfield Place, across from the Cincinnati Public Library. We hope to see more and more activists and passionate Occupiers from the 99% show up Saturday evening as well as for more action and the GA [General Assembly meeting] on Sunday afternoon.

Much thanks and love to the unknown provider of provisions later that evening-- the pizza tasted great!

In Peace, Love, Equality, Justice and Solidarity-- Occupy Cincinnati

We Are The 99%, We Will Not Be Moved!



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